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Technical Regulations

Dear riders,
he following listed rules should help on one to keep your vocation on the right track. On the other hand we want to make sure that this event can be repeated next year as well.


1.) Your bikes

1.     The requirements for your bike are a MZ with 150 ccm maximum from the following series:

RT / ES / ETS  or TS 

1.2    You are welcome to customise only if using model specific components.
The frame of your bike should still be recognizable  as your specific model. All customisations & welding must be done professionally.

1.3    The crankcase  and the cylinder must be from one of the top listed models.

Any person who claims to be the owner of a 5 gear ES engine is
very lucky. (But should be damned!)

1.4    All undercarriage specific parts have to be in usable condition.
It includes:
-    wheels (tyres / ball bearings / spokes)
-    swingarm
-    brakes (both)
-    shock absorbers/ telescopic forks
-    clutch- & brake cables / hydraulic system

!!! The bike should not leak oil or fuel !!!

The decision over whether or not your tyres touch the ground rests
entirely with authorized personel only.
Thumbs up means everything is okay thumbs down means you must return
to your pit box !

2.) The rider

2.1    The rider has to be clean & sober! No alcohol or drugs are
allowed during the Race!

2.2    Proper protective gear, helmet and shoes are strictly required.    

2.3    Last but not least you are liable for yourself and we need a signed release from you!

 (You must attend the Saturday morning rider meeting.)

We expect you all to behave fairly & sportsmen-like at all times at our MZ-TROPHY-Cup.  
We hope its understood that we are not intending to give extensive real life illustrative material to the medical faculties of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.
In fact we wont hesitate to disqualify reckless driver or unacceptable bikes.

With that said RIDE ON  &  HAVE FUN  !